About Scheepers-CCC

Scheepers-CCC offers:

  1. Confidential face-to-face Counselling for Couples and Individuals
  2. Cybercounselling
  3. Coaching
  4. Consultancy Services for Businesses 
  5. Training and Workshops

Counselling is most beneficial for those who struggle with issues affecting their daily functioning.

Couple counselling is for couples who experience problems in their intimate relationship (marriage, common-law).

Cybercounselling is for those people who are confident with internet use, like to explore new modalities to counselling and for those for whom it is difficult to participate face-to-face.

Coaching is most beneficial for those who are well-functioning, but who feel that they can do better in personal life and career.

Consulting services for businesses are aimed at providing tools to improve employee well-being and organizational performance and effectiveness.

Training and workshops are fully customized to the specific needs of the company and are interactive in nature. Examples are Psychological Health in the Workplace training, Sensitivity training, Dynamics of Conflict, and Team Alignment sessions.