Elisabeth is a qualified member of Psychometrics Canada.

Coaching clients can request personality or career assessments.

As a coaching client you may benefit from doing personality assessments or career related assessments. These can be completed in the privacy of your home.

Dr. Scheepers has a CareerID website with Psychometrics Canada. If you are interested in doing an assessment you can discuss this during a coaching session.

There is an additional costs involved for assessments. Once you are ready to do the assessment, you will be provided with a link to "Dr. Scheepers Counselling Coaching and Consulting" CareerID website with Psychometrics Canada.

You will be given a username and password and you will be directed to the assessment. Once you have completed it, you can let Dr. Scheepers know and she will make an appointment to discuss and explain the report with you. You will receive a copy of the report either as an attachment or in print depending on its size.

Assessments are used for further development and growth. Assessments can be helpful to get to know yourself better and to highlight the options open to you in your current career. Career interest assessments are very helpful for people who are not sure what study or career would be a good fit.