Cybercounselling over Email

Introduce yourself in a conversational style. This way it feels like your counsellor is directly connected to you.

The counsellor may respond to your message after a few days. If however, your message is urgent, let your counsellor know by placing “urgent” in the subject line and your counsellor will do everything possible to provide a fast reply.

Style Recommendations

  1. Express your feelings. Use brackets within the text as per the following example:
    E.g. I am telling you about an incident at work and add [feeling very upset right now], to let the counsellor know the intensity of the feelings.
  2. You can use dots...... to create a pause
  3. You can use emoticons.
  4. You can EMPHASIZE by using capitals.


Elisabeth uses Hushmail, a web based email provider that offers complete privacy and security through double encryption. Signing up to Hushmail is easy and affordable. Scheepers-CCC encourages their clients to use Hushmail for maximum security although this is your decision. 

Hushmail guarantees confidentiality but you are responsible to ensure that your messages remain confidential, so use a private space and communicate when you have time.

To delete records of your Web browsing activity:

If you are using any version of Netscape Communicator®:

If you are using any version of Microsoft Internet Explorer:

As an added security measure in any version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may decide to set your browser defaults as follows:

For users of other browsers, please refer to your browser's documentation on memory/disk caching.

Save Your Work!

You can do this frequently by pressing the "Save draft" button. As you do this, your message disappears and gets moved to the "drafts" folder. So, in order to continue writing, you need to click the "Drafts" folder to resume.