General Business Consulting

Scheepers-CCC offers Psychological Health in the Workplace programs that conform with the guidelines of the Canadian National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, but also incorporates the latest international research. Healthy Minds Productive Mines and Healthy Minds Build Better are industry-specific for the mining and construction industry, respectively, but are easily adaptable to other industries.

Another service is Strategic Planning and Team Alliance Facilitation. This is especially useful when diverse teams, sometimes from multiple companies, need to work together on a complex project or when a company is going through a period of rapid growth or change. The aim is to align the team members by establishing clear goals and priorities, assign specific tasks and responsibilities based on skill, availability and competency, establish deadlines, and track and report on performance against the agreed plan.

Sensitivity Training is a full day training focusing on increasing cultural, generational, gender and LGBTQ2 awareness. Personal and sexual harassment is addressed as well as respectful and effective communication to prevent and solve workplace issues. 

An amount of Conflict is a necessary part of life and business but excessive conflict can be detrimental to a company and the well-being of its employees. Scheepers-CCC can help with the prevention and resolving of conflict though training and by raising awareness of the causes of conflict.

Similarly, Stress is a common issue for many employees and Scheepers-CCC offers strategies to reduce and cope with excessive stress.

Finally, Scheepers-CCC can assist with the recruitment/selection process of new personnel, assessments of new and existing employees and with career development and succession planning. Dr. Scheepers is trained in career guidance and coaching and assists companies to get the best out of their staff. The training can be done one-on-one or in a small group format. Personality assessment and career guidance assessment will be offered and discussed on a one-on-one basis.