Group Supervision Schedule for 2021


In order to attend Group Supervision prior registration is required. Costs are 70.00 for 120 minutes. Groups are no larger than 8 participants.

Topics are changing every year and regular topics are updated with current research information.

All topics directly refer to the competencies for counselling therapists and enhances their skills and knowledge from novice to master-level practitioners.

Topics including ethics, legal requirements, working with a diverse population and common presenting issues, will be addressed every year. Other topics including major types of psychotropic drugs, major diagnostic categories of the DSM-5, being research informed and working with couples and with clients with common sexual issues are added to ensure that all specializations receive equal attention and are subjected to a discussion that includes updates.

In addition to regular supervision, Scheepers-CCC offers professional development opportunities. Please refer to the section on training and workshops for more information and on how to register.