Training, Workshops, and Webinars for Companies



Scheepers-CCC has developed a variety of workshops to enhance mental health, wellbeing and cooperation among company employees. Courses can be delivered in-person or via webinar, and can be developed or adjusted to the clients' specific requirements. A few examples are:

SENSITIVITY TRAINING - Accept, Respect, Embrace. This is a full day workshop focusing on cultural and generational differences, gender and LGBTQ2 awareness. Sexual harassment and respectful communication is addressed as well as prevention and dealing with conflict. Alternatively, a shorter version (4 hours) of the program is available upon request. 

In the one-day workshop on the DYNAMICS of CONFLICT participants look at intra/inter and external factors contributing to conflict in the workplace affecting peer dynamics and the home environment. The workshop is interactive and participants get the opportunity to do an assessment to see how they respond to conflict in different environments. Common scenarios are discussed and solutions explored on how to deal effectively with these conflict situations.

The MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID & PEER SUPPORT program is research-based and available to all who want to increase knowledge on mental health issues and develop confidence in talking to peers. In this 2-day program participants learn to identify and recognize common mental health issues and behaviours that require immediate attention. The program teaches to participants the micro skills of counselling such as acknowledging, validation, paraphrasing, active listening, using empathy, summarizing, re-framing and the practice of referring employees for additional services. Participants will be taught how to use a tool to prevent burn-out which they can apply to themselves as well as with others. This tool helps people to make changes and to monitor their well being.

What sets this program apart from other programs that aim to teach mental health first aid or psychological first aid, is that this progam will be tailored to the needs and size of the company and also includes the most powerful component of helping people which is peer support. 

The RECOGNITION and PREVENTION of BURNOUT is an interactive training session for staff working in mentally demanding occupations. Examples are people working in (mental) health care, emergency response, management positions etc. During the workshop, participants identify the signs and causes of burn-out in their particular field of work, and work together on solutions and ways to prevent or minimize its impact on work and family life.