Scheepers-CCC strives to assist people to get the most out of their personal life and career through professional and executive coaching. This can be provided through video conferencing or through email.

Elisabeth coaches clients by asking questions but assessments may also be used to obtain some relevant insight.


Coaching is different from therapy: For more information on the difference between counselling and coaching, please read the FAQs.

Elisabeth uses the GROW coaching model based on the work of Max Landsberg's The Tao of Coaching. The GROW model helps clients to set Goals, Identify the current situation (Reality), Identify Options as well as possible Obstacles, and helps clients to develop a Plan of Action (Wrap-Up). Coaches ask clients questions to help them make their own choices. Coaches also provide information, and feedback. 

Coaching is a worthwhile investment as it helps professionals to make good choices. Many professionals in higher management feel at times isolated and would benefit from an "outsider's point of view" to prevent "tunnel vision".

Based on in-depth familiarity with research in this field, personal experience and through observation, Elisabeth perceives the seeking of constructive feedback from professionals outside their immediate circle as ethical and healthy. Executive coaching includes receiving guidance, which increases confidence and ensures accountability. 

Coaching fees are $190.00 for 1.5 hours.

Coaching can all be done over secure email or video conferencing.

Executive Coaching often involves Career Guidance and you may benefit from doing some assessments to find out where your interests, abilities and opportunities are. These assessments can be arranged for you. An additional cost is involved. Elisabeth is a member of "Psychometrics Canada" and will provide you with the assessments beneficial to you. You can fill these out in the privacy of your home and on your computer. Elisabeth will receive the report and will explain it to you during a follow-up session.

Please feel free to discuss which issues you need help with and the goals for your personal life.

The information you share will remain confidential unless required by law. This however, only happens in exceptional situations when someone's life is in danger and when harm is done to a child (child abuse) or in the case of elder abuse.

Although secure email is used for coaching, there are no guarantees that all communication will be confidential on both sides. We all have a responsibility to keep the communication private and confidential.

Coaching leads to improvements in people's lives and Elisabeth is looking forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

For more information, please contact us by email: