Frequently-Asked Questions about Clinical Supervision

Please feel free to read through the FAQ's as most of your questions will be answered. In case you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email:

1. What is competency-based clinical supervision?

Competency-based clinical supervision is a professional service offered by a certified clinical supervisor to counsellors-in-training, candidate counsellors and certified and registered counselling therapists or psychotherapists. The purpose of competency-based clinical supervision is to ensure and safeguard the quality of services provided to clients, and the integrity of the profession. During clinical supervision, supervisees further develop those skills they obtained during their training and gain in-depth knowledge through the sharing and discussing of client cases and relevant research findings.

2. Is Dr. Elisabeth Scheepers a qualified and registered clinical supervisor?

Yes, Elisabeth is a qualified and registered supervisor with two national competency-based counselling associations, the CPCA and the ACCT and meets the criteria for clinical supervisor for other Canadian-based counselling associations as well (as requirements might change in the future, please verify with your organization).  

Elisabeth's designation with the CPCA is MPCC-S (#3205) and with the ACCT is MTC and RCS (#2060). 

Dr. Elisabeth successfully completed the below-listed training in clinical supervision. 

  • A BA (with a major in psychology), two graduate diplomas in counselling; A MA in counselling psychology, and a Ph.D. in psychology 
  • A semester-long course in supervision as part of a graduate diploma in counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology (2006)
  • A two-day course in competency-based supervision, Canada (2014)
  • Professional development offered by the American Psychological Association on Competency-based clinical supervision (2020)
  • Clinical supervision basics: A detailed and in-depth 40-hour self-paced course on the practicalities of competency based clinical supervision (2021-2022)

3. Does Scheepers-CCC offer individual and group clinical supervision?

Individual supervision is offered to practicing counselling therapists and psychotherapists who are directly working with clients. These are counselling therapists who have completed their counselling training and are either registered members of a professional counselling organization or are student or candidate members. Individual supervision is focused on the practice of counselling. The direct work of counsellors with their clients will be discussed and feedback provided. All areas of the profession will be observed, assessed, and suggestions discussed.

A competency-based, clinical supervision plan is developed listing all major topics in training, theory, and practice, covering 125+ competencies. A self-rating scale is used to help supervisees to identify areas of growth.

Mentoring is a type of clinical supervision service provided to experienced clinical counselling therapists and clinical supervisors. Goals and expectations will be discussed, and these include industry demands, leadership skills and counselling practice. 

Group Supervision is offered to student members, interns (candidates) and registered and certified counselling therapists. Every two-hour group supervision session focuses on a different topic in the profession. Topics vary from our own mental health, administration, and developing a private practice, to research, assessments, counselling approaches, and the practice of counselling therapy. In addition to an educational component, members share experiences and perspectives. Groups are small of around eight participants per session.

Case Consultation is a service offered to students and candidates who like to gain experience in the practice of counselling therapy. Supervisees learn to present a case and gain from the feedback and suggestions of peers. The small-group service is one hour in duration. 

4. What are the costs of supervision?

The fees of Clinical Supervision are based on current industry standards. All fees are subject to 5% GST:

Registered members:

Individual Supervision: 60 minutes - $125.00; 90 minutes - $185.00                        


Students & Interns (Candidates):    

Individual Supervision: 60 minutes - $105.00; 90 minutes - $150.00



Group Supervision 120 minutes: $105.00

Case Presentations 60 minutes: $50.00

5. What are the steps involved to receive supervision from Dr. Elisabeth Scheepers?

Contact Administration on and you will receive an email from Dr. Elisabeth with an invitation to attend a free consultation. During this 45 minute consultation over Zoom, supervisees have to opportunity to obtain more information about the process of competency-based clinical supervision. 

Following the consultation, you will receive a consent form and contract, and after you return the signed form (by email attachment), you can schedule for individual or group sessions. students and interns may have additional forms from their professional organization that require a signature. Please forward these forms to Dr. Elisabeth. 

For group sessions: You will obtain a schedule for the year and can pick out the sessions you want to attend. Please schedule ahead, to secure your place, as we have a maximum number of participants (8). New group participants need to schedule for a minumum of three sessions. Please cancel at least one week prior to the scheduled group supervision when unable to attend. 

For Case Consultation sessions: Please schedule ahead and remain committed to attend as the group depends on the interaction of peers. When unable to make it, please let admin know at least one week in advance. 

For individual sessions: Based on experience, we suggest that supervisees schedule the same day and time, for instance every 2 or 3 weeks or every month to ensure a continuation of services. 

6. I am a supervisee of Dr. Elisabeth and I have an urgent question, what can I do?

If this is a brief question, please email, there is no charge for this. If this is an ethical issue that requires more time, please schedule a meeting. If this is urgent, let Elisabeth know and she will create time for you asap. Some questions require a 30-minute consultation and others a full session.

7. Are there different participants in the groups, or do I see the same peers?

Both: You will meet new colleagues and will recognize others who attend all, or nearly all group sessions. Depending on the professional organization, counsellors and psychotherapists may need ongoing hours throughout their professional career or require of new members to demonstrate to have obtained supervision during training (practicum and internship) before being granted membership.

Competency-based professional organizations who have a candidate membership, require more hours of supervision that can be made up by group attendance and through individual supervision.

All counselling therapists who are members of a professional counselling association as well as other registered mental health professionals are invited to join our group sessions.

8. Do I have to prepare for the supervision sessions?

Yes !

For Individual Supervision, please have your client cases prepared. If relevant, have taped sessions and have samples of your notes and assessments as well as all your questions ready.

For the Supervision Group: You will receive an agenda a few days prior to the scheduled supervision meeting as well as a zoom link, and often journals and articles for you to read or assessments for you to view or fill out.

For Case Consultation: Participants take turns in presenting a case. Some preparation time is needed and supervisees are provided with a template to structure their presentation.