How to Ensure that my Clients Make Progress?

Part of the Counselling Practice Clinic Series


Training for MH professionals interested in learning what it means to become outcome informed

Title: How to Ensure that my Clients Make Progress? Using Common Outcome Measures.

Presenter: Elisabeth Scheepers, Ph.D.


When: November 26th, 2021, 11:00AM - 01:00PM CST (Saskatchewan time).

Modality: Live Zoom, guaranteed small group format

Cost:  $95.00

Continuing Education Credits: The training is 2 hours and a certificate will be provided

Registration by email to:

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Dr Elisabeth Scheepers is known for providing high quality, up-to-date, research-based training for counselling therapists. The training on outcomes discusses the importance of being research informed in the profession of counselling therapy. Participants will obtain a solid introduction on client focused research and where they can learn more.


  • What works in counselling therapy?
  • Research methods
  • Being truly research based and how to discuss this with those who are not?
  • Is it ethical to be silent when pseudoscience is marketed as science-based?
  • How do we know that what works in general also works for our clients?
  • The things most good therapists already do
  • What are some other things I can implement immediately?
  • What books and resources are available?
  • What are the training options and the assessments?
  • Do I need all that training and licencing assessments?
  • Can I do this on a low budget?
  • Being open to feedback, what does this mean?
  • Addressing client progress in clinical supervision